PhD Student Hussain Alenezi publishes headline paper in Applied Physics Reviews which now has an impact factor of over 19. In this paper specialised nano-scale structures for use in highly technical applications are formed in a pressurised gyration vessel.

Links to the original paper and AIP article:

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Word has reached us that UCL Mechanical Engineering researcher Phoebe Heseltine has snatched the faculty 3 Minute Thesis title for 2021, in a fierce faculty-wide competition held yesterday.

Heseltine, a biomaterials researcher supervised by Professor Mohan Edirisinghe, has had plenty of practice with short presentations, having honed her "elevator pitches" as one half of the entrepreneurial duo behind the "smart pill" startup "Enteromics". (See video below.)

Join us in congratulating Phoebe, who goes on to represent UCL Engineering in the upcoming UCL competition.

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The drive for new, efficient, and cost-effective drugs and medical products has led to exciting new developments and innovative research in the field of pharmaceutics and pharmaceutical technology in recent years. Significant changes are occurring in drug production and development, such as the movement from batch to continuous manufacturing and to more environmentally sustainable methods for drug manufacturing, the shift to personalized medicine, and the growing importance of in silico methods for drug development.

Watch Professor Mohan Edirisinghe's Keynote speech alongside Professor Gareth Williams who were invited to participate in the 1st International Electronic Conference on Pharmaceutics that was held online.

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